Dedicated to any and all incarnations of Carol Ferris and Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern and Star Sapphire.

The blog functions as an archive and no longer updates regularly. The Ask is closed since the mod is no longer up-to-date with the canon and cannot answer your questions. Submissions are still open if you have fanworks to share.

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And I’m done. :) Hal and Carol <3

Fangirl Challenge { 1/3 DC Comics Couple }

  • Hal and Carol 

Hal/Carol appreciation post


Hal & Carol

Parallax: Emerald Night #1


Be happy,Carol Ferris.Be loved.


Carol Ferris/ Hal Jordan

Recommended Issues Reading List

  • Showcase #22, 24
  • Green Lantern v2 #73, 83, 145, 172 180-185, 190
  • Green Lantern: Secret Files and Origins 
  • Green Lantern v3 #21-24, 26-27, 32, 36, 41, 119
  • Final Night
  • The Spectre v4 #4
  • Green Lantern: Rebirth
  • Green Lantern v4 #18-20, 29-35, 38, 50, 53, 63, 67
  • Blackest Night #1, 3, 5-8
  • Brightest Day #1, 13, 17-18
  • Green Lantern v5 #1, 3-7, 20
  • DC: The New Frontier
  • JLA: The Nail

And especial mention to the GLTAS(Green Lantern Animated Series) and especially its episodes #9 “In love and War”, #13 Homecoming, #14 The New Guy and #22 Love is a Battlefield.

If you think I missed something let me know :)


power couples (2/?) Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris

I love you Carol, and I always have. / And I love you, Hal Jordan. And I always will. I always will. I always will.

Father’s Day Fic


Hal stares down at the tiny infant he’s holding. Soft brown eyes stare trustingly up at him and little wisps of brown hair stick up from the baby’s head. Hal holds out his finger to the baby and watches them grab a hold, tiny fingers not even able to go around entirely. He can hear Carol’s soft laugh at him, knows he’s probably got a completely ridiculous look on his face right now but can’t bring himself to care.

“Hi Martin, I’m your daddy,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss against his son’s head. “I love you so much.”